Dear future partners, if you are wondering where to buy Christmas decorations in Ukraine in bulk, this information is for you!

Exclusive Christmas tree decorations from the Ukrainian brand The Christmas Stories are the perfect seasonal product for the holidays that will not leave your customers indifferent.

This is a great option that will complement the assortment and create new opportunities for any store. Here, you will find the best selection of Christmas decorations in Ukraine. In addition, the earlier you place your order, the better the terms of cooperation and the wider the range we offer.

Our Christmas tree decorations are easy to buy wholesale!

Why Us?

Because we offer you:

-Glass Christmas tree ornaments are only own production from blowing to packaging;

- Unusual original  forms and designs;

- The author's highly artistic hand-painted design;

- Wooden storage systems;

- Mutually beneficial terms;

- Flexible discount system for wholesale orders

In this difficult time for our country, we have a clear position and will not allow our toys to decorate the Christmas trees of the aggressor countries! So, by placing an order on our website, you become not only our partners, but also friends who are ready to share our values with us!

We stand for conscious partnership. If you are planning to order our products and send them to the aggressor countries, please be attentive to our position - we refuse to cooperate with Russian business! Our toys will not decorate Christmas trees in Russia and Belarus!

For more specific information on wholesale orders of Christmas decorations by the brand The Christmas Stories, please contact us at 067 850 80 04 or 095 051 88 05.  You can also write to our email

We are always glad to cooperate!